SAFE START is Awarded a Prestigious Honor:

On December 6, 2007 Safe Start USA was awarded the prestigious "PARTNER OF THE YEAR AWARD" by the Greater Hollywood YMCA Family Center in Broward County, Florida. This was a critical step for our drowning prevention efforts in South Florida since Broward County leads the State of Florida in the number of children under 5 years of age. Click HERE to read more about this great honor.


"Ashley finished her refresher lessons on a Monday. The next day she was outside by the pool with her Grandmother when she leaned over the edge to get a toy and sure enough she fell right in. Thankfully she quickly rolled over onto her back as she was trained to do by the Safe Start Program."

A Drowning Prevention Effort:

Safe Start is a one of a kind drowning prevention program that provides infants and young children with the opportunity to learn the skills to survive! This survival swim program is a six week course consisting of daily ten minute sessions, five days each week. Certified instructors utilizing the proven Infant Swimming Resource system teach children ages 6 months to 4 years old the rollback to float and swim-float-swim techniques. Over 8,000 children have been taught these skills through the Safe Start program and of those, 25 children have used their skills to save themselves from potential aquatic accidents. Through unique partnerships with community organizations, such as YMCAs and JCCs, Safe Start brings together Infant Swimming Resource’s 40 years of experience providing children with aquatic survival skills training and the desire and passion of a community to protect its children and prevent tragedies. Safe Start is currently available to families in Central and South Florida with more and more communities choosing to become proactive in protecting their most vulnerable citizens. Our mission is “Not One More Child Drowns,” to reach the next baby before she gets to the water alone.